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Branding Beyond Borders (B3), we are a Global Network of Business Coaches, Mentors, Keynote Speakers and Story Tellers.

We connect these global business coaches/professionals to various institutions for Conferences as Keynote Speakers, for Seminars, Executive Coaching Programs and Performances. In any forum, we provide the Global Perspective in the discussions, on behalf of our client, we source for the needed/missing resource person, and fill that gap.

These platforms give us an opportunity to create a cross-pollination environment for knowledge gain and even entertainment. Together, we learn, share ideas, brainstorm on global topics and experience diverse cultures, with the intention of expanding our plates and creating possibilities of partnerships across our borders.

B3, is passionate about exposing our own Kenyan brands, both personal and cooperate, onto the Global platform. Through our networks, we make available opportunities for Kenyan brands to be seen and represented in various forums and capacities.

B3, is deliberate in sharing our African cultures and stories with all our visitors coming into the continent. An extensive tour of our sights and sounds is part of their itinerary. This way B3, is part of dictating the narrative of our stories that go out there, when our visitors go back to their respective countries.

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